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Dr Luis Martinez

Dr. Luis Martínez is a Regenerative and Cell therapy specialist and President aof XanoGene Clinic and
the Latin American Society of Regenerative Medicine, a multispecialty society that promotes the
highest standards in education and research in Regenerative Medicine and heads their Master’s
Diploma Program in Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Martinez also consults internationally on emerging
therapies and markets in the fields of Translational Biotechnology and Regenerative Medicine.
Dr. Martínez earned his medical degree at the Ponce School of Medicine and completed his residency
at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. He holds an Advanced Training Certificate in Stem Cells
in Cancer from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Ponce School of Medicine consortium and
has additional certifications in Stem Cell Culturing methods, Immunotherapy and Gene based
therapies. He is also fellowship trained in BioSecurity, holds a Masters of Public Health with a
concentration in Epidemiology and is Board Certified in Lipidology.
His current clinical research is aimed at studying the use of immunotherapeutic approaches to target
aging, cancer and cognitive diseases, as well as developing gene based therapies that can significantly
extend healthspan and lifespan through modulation of heterochromatinization and novel genomic
stability pathways. He is also working on improving in vitro stem cell culture methods and achieving
faster growth.
Dr. Martinez has served as consultant and developer of various clinics and laboratories in Latin
America and the U.S. that offer cell-based therapies. He also serves as medical and scientific advisor
for various BioTech, Pharmaceutical, and Nutraceutical companies. Besides being an international
speaker, Dr. Martinez is also involved in educating and training physicians in multiple aspects of
Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine.