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Bob Mangat

"The Automated Entrepreneur" How To Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and CRUSH The Competition.

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, proud husband and father with over 15 years of hands-on experience architecting ADVANCED medical practice marketing and growth systems.

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author for “The Automated Entrepreneur” How To Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and CRUSH The Competition.

Bob Mangat specializes in designing, engineering and implementing dramatic business growth strategies for medical practices in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

Bob Mangat, is recognized as a World Class Advanced Business Growth Specialist. He helps small to medium sized businesses plug “Leaks” worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and automate systems that provides amazing customer experiences, customer retention and satisfaction.

Bob Mangat’s reputation, as a leader in the healthcare marketing space and serial entrepreneur is known to identify profit hindering problems right from the first meeting. He travels the world to provide impactful keynote addresses at public and corporate events.

Born and raised In the Vancouver, Canada Area Bob Mangat has adopted a NO B.S. approach to business, earning him the respect from entrepreneurs desirous to find solution to business growth, not wallow in excuses.