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Jon Ruckle, MD

Japanese Bridging Expert

Jon Ruckle, MD has over 30 years of medical/clinical experience, over which time he has served as the Investigator for more than 350 clinical studies, including over 50 Japanese bridging studies, for drugs in areas such as oncology, diabetes, biologics, renal impairment and cardiovascular/hypertension. Dr. Ruckle possesses an extensive background in protocol design, product development strategy and medical monitoring, with significant expertise in ethnic comparison studies, primarily focusing on Japanese bridging.

As Principal, Pacific Pharma Group, LLC, provides consultation services for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry, including study design, product development strategy, and medical monitoring. Experience includes 18 years as an Investigator, primarily in Phase I, and is a Certified Physician Investigator (CPI).

Served as the founding Medical Director at Northwest Kinetics in Tacoma, WA, 1995 to 2000 (later acquired by Charles River Labs and subsequently by Comprehensive Clinical Development), then led Phase I development at Radiant Research Honolulu from Aug 2000 until acquired by Covance in May 2006. Remained as Medical Director at Covance Honolulu to July 2008, then founded Pacific Pharma Group to provide consulting services. Also served as Medical Director, Early Development for Comprehensive Clinical Development in Tacoma WA from July 2011 to Aug 2013.

Has served as the Investigator for over 350 clinical trials, mostly Phase I. Areas include Japanese “bridging” studies, First-Time-In-Humans, Biologics, microdose and ADME studies, and various clinical domains and special populations including diabetes, osteoporosis, healthy elderly, pediatrics, osteoarthritis, hypercholesterolemia, asthma, cognitive impairment, and hypertension.

Specialties: Consultation experience focuses on protocol design, product development strategy, and medical monitoring, particularly for studies related to areas of experience as above.